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Holding Hands

Holistic Health & Healing Experts

Dr Balu Pitchiah

Dr Balu believe that everyone can be taught to thrive and not just survive. People can learn techniques to fully realise their dreams and start living a fulfilled life.

He adopt a holistic approach including comprehensive  medicine management, holistic nutritional advice and well established psychological methods tailored to the individual. Our clients find our sensitive, structured, non-judgemental approach very refreshing, liberating and empowering.

Join us to find answers to questions like"Am I emotionally healthy?","How am I doing in life?" - Because you know your emotions govern your life choices and decisions. 


Making a difference to yourself and others starts with your emotional health and well-being

Dr Balu also found that people are stressed about many things in life. It is shocking that the earliest age to get stressed could be as young as three years of age.

Most people’s response to stress is to stop doing the thing that causes it, or in other words avoid the stressor. Avoidance does help sometimes. But most high performers feel that they can’t afford to avoid the things that cause stress. The very things that make them successful make them miserable. Some take a break only to return to the stressful scenario and it feels as if they have never been away.
There must be surely another way to deal with this -- Let's TALK.

Welcome to Meraki wellbeing. Give us a call and ask us how we can help. we look forward to talking to you very soon.

Dr Balu Pitchiah

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Specialist in
  • Addictions

  • Anxiety disorders, agoraphobia, panic disorder and social phobia

  • Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar Affective Disorder, Manic Depression)

  • Medically unexplained physical symptoms, Somatisation

  • OCD

  • Personality disorders

  • Various other psychiatric conditions

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