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Holistic Solutions

Resolving  issues by considering person as a whole—body, mind and energy—in order to provide deeper, long lasting and permanent solution for all your discomforts

Therapy , Healing & Solutions

non invasive, natural, effective & result oriented

At Meraki wellbeing we are Integrating Eastern inner wellbeing sciences and Western psychology and mind sciences and developing a comprehensive platform which supports physical, mental and emotional health, to create balance in life by creating healthy behaviors / lifestyle.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to feel peace within and enjoy dis-ease free body and issue-less mind and the good news is that, it is very much possible. We believe that no single approach is the right one for every individual. Hence, our team of experts backed by years of experience, have formulated training modules, personalised individual therapies and counselling, with a view of providing a direct hand on approach for total solution for all challenges of life.




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Anxiety & Worry

Overcome anxiety and embark on the journey towards feeling better. Get back your calmness, courage and relaxed state of mind with Qualified Holistic practitioner at Meraki wellbeing centre.

Stressed Man


Before stress takes a toll on your health, learn how you can keep it under control, Our Qualified Holistic practitioners are there to help you manage your stress with integrating mind, body and energy to bring your focus, attention and comfort back in your life.

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Meraki wellbeing centre offers you and your loved ones, non-invasive, safe and effective alternative treatment approach to resolve mental health challenges and depression. we are here whenever you are ready to talk.

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Fears & Phobias

We offer the most powerful, effective tools and techniques from mind sciences and spiritual sciences to help you with your fears and phobias that is stopping your growth. Overcome your fear and phobias and take charge of your happiness.

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Traumas & PTSDs

Major life disruptions sometimes leave wounds that are not shown on body but are deeper and more hurtful. Avail safe, effective and powerful solution to remove the intensity of your painful memories and gain back your happiness.

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Panic Attack

At Meraki wellbeing we offer a practical, effective and evidence-based solutions for anyone struggling to cope with any aspects of panic attacks. A safe and drugfree treatment approach to bring peace and balance in life.


Ocd & Compulsiveness

Break free from OCD and compulsive habits with holistic programs and therapies designed to create new behavior and rewire your brain, a program to end the suffering and getting the right control over your life, exclusively at Meraki wellbeing centre

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Get yourselves de-addicted with revolutionary science-based addiction recovery method exclusively at Meraki wellbeing. Don’t keep delaying the act of asking for help. Finding the courage to speak with an addiction professional may be the first most significant step on your journey to recovery.

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Control anger, before it controls you, our qualified practitioners offer powerful, effective and integrated tools and therapies that help you understand and resolve issues of anger and help you release limiting beliefs and unresourceful memories of past.

Woman Sleeping

Sleep Issues

Enough sleep is as important for good health as nutrition and exercise, end the sleep struggle with our programs and therapies at Meraki wellbeing that helps you with easy and the most comprehensive and practical approach to treat sleep disorders.

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Quit Smoking

At Meraki wellbeing we offer the most easy, painless, safest, non-invasive, powerful and effective methods and therapy for smoking cessation. Don’t postpone it for another day, Don’t waste another day waiting for your life to start, Life is now – start living.

Practicing Yoga

Weight Issues

Get rid of that extra pounds with our holistic weight loss program with effective natural mind-body healing approach that not only brings natural balance to physical body, mind, emotions but also  helps you to create more satisfying self image.

Girl in the Fields


A practical mind-body energy technology to bring alignment and harmony and improve your overall immune system and rewire your emotions and biology to recover from and get rid of all kinds of allergies, avail life changing sessions at Meraki wellbeing for you and your loved ones

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Aches & Pains

Heal your chronic aches & pains that are stored in form of thoughts, emotions, energy or physical cellular memories, through holistic and alternative approaches. a unique mind-body energy technology to bring balance and harmony in life.

Enjoying Donuts

Eating Disorder

Overcome eating disorder with natural, non-invasive and effective solution, at Meraki wellbeing we offer holistic programs to address and resolve all types of eating disorders to create positive feelings and sense of well-being, less self-objectification, more positive body image and fewer poor eating habits.


Lack of Energy

Our most powerful, effective and holistic healing approaches that aim to heal any issue by identifying its origin and resolving it from the core, for permanent relief, we at Meraki wellbeing aims to help you experience the power and connection of mind-body-energy to create profound influence in every area of your life.


Confidence & Self Image

Our qualified professionals provide a tailor-made program which integrates the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to guide you towards resolution. Become unstoppable and un-afraid in every area of your life.

Studious Child


Without treatment, ADHD can make it hard to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Children may have trouble learning or developing social skills. Adults could have problems with relationships and addiction. The disorder could also lead to mood swings, depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, risk-taking, and conflicts with people around you.

Lovers Holding Hands


Resolve conflicts, complexities, misunderstanding surrounding your relationships with our holistic healing and relationship development program and coaching to build a healthy, happy, satisfying, loving and lasting relationship

Doing Homework

Parenting & Children

Gain access to your own parenting wisdom, create deep rapport with your children, and use your language to encourage positive behaviors and discourage misbehavior. The same methods will also improve your communication at work and with friend

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Get rid of migraine, peptic ulcers, heart attacks, hypertensions, mental diseases, suicide or hopeless unhappiness with our holistic approaches for your overall wellbeing

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