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Disclaimer & Policies


The following disclaimer applies to the services provided by Meraki Wellbeing Centre. By engaging with our holistic healing services, including but not limited to hypnotherapy, energy healing, and counseling, you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein.

  • Alternative Healing Methods: Meraki Wellbeing Centre offers alternative methods of healing and therapy. We do not provide medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescription medication. Our services are non-invasive and aim to support your overall well-being. It is important to consult with a qualified medical professional for any medical concerns.

  • Individual Results: Results from our holistic healing services may vary for each individual. The effectiveness of our methods depends on various factors, including personal circumstances and commitment to the healing process. We do not guarantee specific outcomes or results.

  • Personal Responsibility: While we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment, it is essential to acknowledge that personal responsibility plays a significant role in the healing process. Clients are responsible for their own decisions, actions, and outcomes resulting from our services.

  • Confidentiality: At Meraki Wellbeing Centre, we prioritize client confidentiality. All personal information shared during sessions or consultations will be kept strictly confidential, except in cases where it is required by law or when there is a potential risk of harm to oneself or others. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle your personal data.

  • Limited Liability: Meraki Wellbeing Centre and its practitioners are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including but not limited to physical, emotional, or financial, arising from the use of our services. By engaging with us, you agree to release us from any and all claims.

  • Client Suitability: Our holistic healing services may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, or psychological concerns to ensure your safety and well-being during sessions. We reserve the right to decline services if we deem it inappropriate or unsafe for an individual.

  • Informed Consent: Prior to engaging in any of our services, clients are required to provide informed consent. This includes understanding the nature of the service, potential risks or benefits, and any necessary precautions. By giving consent, clients acknowledge their understanding and agreement to participate voluntarily.

  • Collaborative Approach: Our holistic healing services are designed to complement traditional healthcare approaches. We encourage clients to maintain open communication with their healthcare providers and inform them about the alternative methods of healing they are receiving from Meraki Wellbeing Centre.

  • Continuing Education: Our practitioners engage in ongoing professional development and stay up-to-date with current practices and research in holistic healing. However, please note that alternative healing methods are continually evolving, and our services may be subject to change based on new information or developments.

  • Individual Responsibility: Clients bear sole responsibility for their choices and decisions regarding their health and well-being. It is important to inform practitioners of any changes in health status or treatment plans to ensure the most effective and safe application of our holistic healing services.

  • Professional Qualifications: Our practitioners at Meraki Wellbeing Centre possess the necessary qualifications, certifications, and experience in their respective fields. However, it is important to understand that individual results may vary, and client experiences depend on various factors such as personal receptivity and commitment to the healing process.

  • Complementary Approach: Our holistic healing services are intended to complement, not replace, conventional medical treatments or therapies. We encourage clients to continue any ongoing medical treatments and consult with their healthcare providers for any medical concerns.

  • Informed Consent for Minors: For clients under the age of 18, parental or legal guardian consent is required before engaging in our services. We recommend involving parents or guardians in the decision-making process and encourage open communication between the minor, their parents, and our practitioners.

  • Emotional Release: Some of our therapeutic techniques, such as counseling or energy healing, may involve emotional release or uncovering deeply rooted emotions. While our practitioners strive to create a safe and supportive environment, it is important to be aware that these processes can evoke strong emotions, and individuals should be prepared for such experiences.

  • Personal Responsibility for Follow-up: Our holistic healing services may provide temporary relief or improvements. However, long-term benefits often require continued self-care, practice, and personal commitment beyond the sessions. Clients are responsible for implementing any recommended practices or exercises provided by our practitioners.

  • Client Suitability for Energy Healing: Energy healing techniques involve subtle energy work, and the experience may vary for each individual. It is important to disclose any specific sensitivities or concerns related to energy-based practices to ensure your comfort and safety during the sessions.

  • Confidentiality in Group Settings: If participating in group sessions or workshops, please be aware that confidentiality may be limited in such settings. While our practitioners strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment, the nature of group dynamics may prevent absolute confidentiality. Participants are encouraged to exercise discretion when sharing personal information.

  • Integration of Learnings: Our services aim to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. However, the successful integration of the learnings and techniques provided in our sessions depends on the individual's commitment, willingness to practice, and personal circumstances.

  • Not a Substitute for Legal or Financial Advice: Our practitioners do not provide legal, financial, or investment advice. While we may offer guidance or insights related to personal growth or decision-making, it is important to consult appropriate professionals for specialized advice in these areas.

  • Third-Party Services: Meraki Wellbeing Centre may collaborate or refer clients to external professionals or services as part of a comprehensive approach to healing. However, we do not assume responsibility for the actions, services, or outcomes provided by third-party individuals or organizations.

Please note that the information provided on our website, during sessions, or in any other form of communication is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We encourage you to consult with a qualified healthcare provider regarding any health-related concerns.

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