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Energy Medicine & Healing

Energy healing is the most important part of holistic wellbeing. When our energy and life-force are unable to flow freely within our subtle and physical bodies, we often see it manifest as physical symptoms. Practices like breath work and healing modalities like Reiki, chakra work, and acupuncture are excellent ways to address this aspect of well-being.

At Meraki wellbeing we offer a variety of different energy medicine approaches to heal and transform you.


Pranic Healing

Revolutionary Healing with immediate effects

Heal any physical and psychological condition by enhancing the body’s capability to heal itself.  It also helps to Reduce stress, Increase energy levels, Improve immune function

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Reiki Healing

Promote balance throughout the human system

Enhances natural healing abilities and improves immune system, aids in better sleep, clear fears, anger and frustrations and much more

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Access Bars

Bring Balance to all areas of life

Open the potential by aligning thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, considerations and experiences. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore and create new possibilities

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Theta Healing

Techniques that creates a positive lifestyle

Train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts & developing virtues through prayer and meditation

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Kundalini Awakening & Balancing

Raise your state of consciousness and vibration

Practice of enriching your spirituality and inner world, to eventually become so neutral and so balanced "that you know you've reached a place of total awakened-ness.

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Chakra Healing & Balancing

Energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras

Identify possible blockages & release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of wellbeing.

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Crystal Healing

Balance the frequency of the electromagnetic currents in body

Promote the flow of good energy and help rid your body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.

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Sound Healing

Sound Frequencies to improve health and wellbeing.

Vibrations (vocal or instrumental-like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks) in order to relax your mind and body. it can relieve certain ailments, including anxiety and insomnia.

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Reconnective Healing

Optimal balance, right down to your DNA

The effective result oriented approach to bring harmony, balance, fullness and mental clarity with awareness of true potential

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Family Constellations

Unblock unconscious mind's patterns that limit health, growth or happiness

Resolve misunderstandings, entanglements and blocks in family, partner or other relationships to achieve significant insight and clarity through constellation work

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Aura Reading & Clearing

Cleansing Deeper & Subtler Layer of Existense 

Take away the impurities from aura so that the body breathes better, feels better in terms of health wellbeing, mental balance creating healthier energy vibrations in your system

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